Blast Resistant

Safety of people working in areas that hold a higher risk of explosions is the prime reason to design structures that carry a “blast resistant rating”. Warwick can support you in the design and building of these unique structures.


  • Blast Resistant buildings are desired when a building will be operating in a high hazardous area
  • Used to protect employees, equipment, other assets enclosed in the building in the event of an explosion or blast
  • The exteriors of our Blast Resistant buildings can be designed to look identical to a standard rigid or self-frame building


  • Certified in-house Blast Resistant specialists who are able to engineer the right structure for your needs
  • Our Blast Resistant buildings are built to withstand the high pressures of an explosion or blast and protect against projectiles while still maintaining operations on critical systems
  • Housed on a Rigid Frame structure our Blast Resistant buildings are engineered to protect against the deformation of structural members that can cause catastrophic failure of the structures, the  unrepairable damage to the building and interior components, and help protect all assets and employees on the site