Rigid Frame

A rigid frame building is a load-resisting skeleton constructed with straight or curved members interconnected by mostly rigid connections which resist movements induced at the joints of members. Sheet metal panels and cladding are then formed to the rigid frame to enclose the structure to any design specification or fit-for-purpose use required by the project or the application. Typically rigid frame structures are built in modular form and shipped to site in separated pieces by truck or rail.


  • We collaborate with our clients to customize each solution and ensure they get the finished product they need
  • All buildings are value engineered and designed for optimal constructability
  • Our in-house team of professionals facilitate an economical and streamlined manufacturing process
  • Our proven efficiencies and quality control measures ensure consistent and reliable craftsmanship every step of the way
  • Our 20+ acre Modular Construction Yard in Calgary, Alberta allows for storage capacity if you ever need to delay delivery

Download Rigid Frame – Flat Sheet [497KB]