Self Frame

Typically used for smaller applications a self-framing structure is well suited for a multitude of purposes. Cost effective, self-framing metal buildings are a form of pre-engineered building which utilizes a roll formed roof and wall panel diaphragms as significant parts of the structural supporting system. Exterior roof panels are usually a single continuous length from eave to ridge line for gable style buildings or from low eave to high eave on single slope or shed style buildings. Exterior wall panels are usually a single continuous length from the base channel to the eave of the building except where interrupted by wall openings. Typically, self-framed buildings will be shipped to site in knocked-down condition with all parts and hardware. Smaller self-framed buildings may be fully assembled at our manufacturing facility and transported to your site.


  • Electrical control buildings
  • Master control center
  • Remote instrumentation buildings
  • Variable frequency drive buildings
  • Instrument operations buildings
  • Multi-component power substations
  • Pump stations
  • Operator rooms/offices
  • Wellhead shelters
  • Generator enclosures
  • Process buildings
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Guard houses
  • Telecommunications
  • Hazardous waste
  • Lab buildings
  • Custom accomodations
  • Client specific integrated solutions
  • Office complexes
  • Acoustic or non-acoustic enclosures


  • Decades of in-house self-frame design, engineering, drafting, detailing, project management, fabrication and erection services experience
  • We have produced over 40,000 buildings in the past 15 years , so whether you need 1 Lab building or 6 identical Electrical Control buildings we have the expertise and skills to execute your project
  • Self-frame structures are a cost effective solution to rigid frame structures
  • Our self-framed buildings can be designed as part of a modular system or for in-situ construction
  • Our 20+ acre Modular Construction Yard in Calgary, Alberta provides the space to stage buildings and to integrate additional electrical or process equipment from third parties

Download Self Frame – Flat Sheet [416KB]

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