Warwick Structures Group Ltd. is committed to a work environment that will encourage our employees, contractors and customers to make their safety and the safety of others a personal mission. Our safety program and management systems will assist to:
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees, contractors and visitors,
  • Encourage our employees to act with a determined focus on their own safety, the safety of everyone around them, the environment and the overall health and wellness of the company, and all its stakeholders.
The safety program and management systems continue to evolve and mature through the joint efforts of management and employees. In conjunction with documented practises and policies in our safety manual, Warwick Structures Group Ltd. will hold managers, supervisors and employees, accountable for their responsibilities and compliance with all applicable legislation regarding health and safety. The successful implementation and maintenance of our safety program will:
  • Protect our employees and their families from the detrimental effects of poor safety performance.
  • Position the company to mitigate the high cost of liabilities associated with poor safety performance.
  • Align with our overall vision to be described as the most responsive structures company in the industry.
Warwick Structures Group Ltd. considers safety to be of the utmost importance and believes the use of safety best practises will enable us to achieve our objectives. In order to provide a safe work environment, employees must be fit for duty and must be able to perform their job duties in a safe, secure, productive, and effective manner and remain able to do so throughout the entire time they are working. Employees are empowered to refuse unsafe work without consequence and to take ownership to ensure their co-workers are fit for duty.

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